"Cone Flower"


Cone Flower supply list

soy milk and watercolors

class description

Fabric soaked with homemade soy milk creates the palette for painting with watercolor paints. By combining the 2 factors together (soy soaked fabric with paints mixed with soy milk), you can do wonderful blending on your design. Your finished project will be more than you expected!


student supply list

paint brushes synthetic

1-angle 3/8”

1-chisel #10

push pins and tidy pins

white felt 24” x 34”

paper towels

kit $ 13

2-fat quarters cotton pre-treated with soy milk

2-pattern templates


instructor supplies: 

watercolor paints, soy milk, water bowls, pencils, foam trays, apron

foam core board/pvc pipe frame, plastic table covering, soy milk recipe

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