Ice dyed Silk scarfs


Iced Dye workshop "Silk Scarf" supply list

FiberArt Chix

Cynthia Wismann

Ice Dye Workshop

Supply List/Class Description

4- fat quarters PFD cotton fabric

1-Haboti Silk Scarf

2-cooling racks

2-paint containers

Plastic spoons


Dust mask


MX Powdered Dyes (yellow, red and blue)

Soda Ash

Ice-crushed and/or cubed


1-five gallon bucket

Plastic table cover

Paper towels and/or rags

Create your own fabric and silk scarf with the Ice Dye technique. You will be working with PFD cotton fabric and your fabrics can be used to make any quilted items. You will also be creating an ice dyed silk scarf, it will be multi colored and look rather Monet-ish. I get lots of compliments when I wear any of my dyed silk scarves. Fun class to take and a great technique to learn. Your end results will be quite satisfying….

If you have any questions about the workshop please email me at © copyright Cynthia Wismann