Feather Study # 28


"Feather Study #28" Supply List (Finished size 20" x 24")

Student Supply List:

2 soft paint brushes 1 for glue 1 for starch

light box or if available window

sewing machine, zig zag foot and sewing machine plate

scissors- fabric and paper

¾ yd binding and backing fabric (can be chosen later)

22” x 28” cotton batting (not needed for class)

monofilament (invisible) thread

bobbin thread 50wt or 60wt

needles- universal, microtex & metallic-- 90/14, 80/12, 75/11 & 70/10

straight pins

black markers- 1 fine & 1 medium point

iron & ironing board or ironing mat

liquid starch

roxanne glue

freezer paper

30” x 40” foam core board

Kit Includes: $ 56.00

feather study #28 pattern

foam core board

roxanne glue

1 ¾ yds gradation fabric

mechanical pencil

Pattern only for class is $15.50 plus tax 

Foam Core board for class $9.00 plus tax

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