"bula" the cow


"Bula" the cow supply list (finished size 18"x 22")


sky           3- fabrics  ft eighth of each  stripe, polka dot, floral 

flowers    3- fabrics  ft eighth each purple-  light, medium, dark                   1- fabric   ft  eighth yellow  

grass        3- fabrics  ft eighth each  green- light, medium, dark 

cow          3 - fabrics  ft quarters each brown- light, medium, dark backing/binding     1-1/4 yards  black (dark is best for backing fabric) 



pellon wonder under 805 fusible       3 - 4 yards 

quilters dream cotton batting fusible    24” x 28” 

threads– cotton, poly or rayon  metallic (optional) 

machine needles– 80/12, titanium works great with fused projects 

fabric & paper scissors, freezer paper, ziploc bags, L-shaped square ruler blue painters tape, 2 white beads for eyes 


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