"Petunia the Pig"


"Petunia the Pig" Supply list (finished size 18" x 22")

supply list 



sky                           22” x 27”  black & white polka dot  

flowers                   1-  9” x 22”  white fabric (or color of your choice) 

                                  1- 6” x 6” golden yellow  

stems/leaves        2- 9” x  22” 1– light green 1-medium green  

pig                            3- 9” x 22” pink solids, 1 each light, medium, dark                                    1 x 6” x 6” black fabric  

backing/binding  1 1/4 yards  black (dark is best for backing/binding fabric) 

felt                            1- 20” x 20” white felt                                   

                                   1- 20” x 20” pink felt  (optional)                


pellon wonder under 805 fusible            3 - 4 yards 

quilters dream cotton fusible batting     24” x 28” 

threads– cotton, poly or rayon (40 wt),  metallic (optional) 

machine needles– 80/12, titanium works great with fused projects  

fabric & paper scissors, freezer paper, ziploc bags, blue painters tape 12” square ruler, ruler 24” x 8 1/2”,  2 white beads for eyes, white marking pencil mechanical pencil, straight pins, sewing machine, free motion quilting foot, 1/4” foot 

angelina fibers (optional), iron and ironing surface, rotary cutter, mat 


finished size  18” x 22” full size template included 

petunia’s construction 

prep work: 

• fuse– pig, sky, grass, flower &  6” x 6” black fabrics, set aside 

• fuse backing fabric to fusible batting, let cool, set aside 

• lay design on table & tape with blue tape 

• lay freezer paper on top of design, paper side up, tape & draw pig, sky, flowers, stems 

• use a second  piece of freezer paper for the black inside parts of the pig, draw, cut, label &  #, put pieces in ziploc & set aside  • draw flowers as a whole petal not partial as the flower finish technique will be different  

• label all parts with letters, #’s, name, seam allowance dashes on freezer paper template 

• cut apart all freezer paper template’s and place them in ziploc bags and label bags by name & #  

• connect sky parts as one piece where possible when using black/white dots, if using colors it will have to be cut separately to create design in sky  pig: 

• pull *release paper off of fused pink fabric’s, save release paper, fused fabric without paper attached gives a cleaner cut 

• cut sections in all different widths (1/2”, 1”, 1-1/2”)  cut with rotary cutter across width (9” side) of each pink fabric, create gentle curves instead of straight lines  

• tape main design to ironing surface with blue tape on corners, lay release paper on top of design tape at corners 

• using a fabric scissors round off ends of the precut pink strips before laying them on the design, this gives a softer finish  

• build the collage with height & width of pig, start pig collage at the  bottom adding extra row or 2 for seam allowance,  overlap strips while building, fuse by tapping with warm iron as you build, when happy with layout fuse complete collage, peel collage off release paper 

• lay cutout freezer paper template of pig on fabric side of pink collage, pin & cut out shape leave at least a 1/2” seam allowance at bottom only, add eyes, nose & ear parts after pig is assembled, pig shape lays on top of background design later, set aside background sky: 

• peel off release paper, use 22” x 24 “ polka dot piece as a foundation, cut design parts away from foundation so fusing will not have too many layers  

• or cut individual sky template(s) and fuse parts together  

• pin sky template(s) on fabric & cut adding seam allowances where needed  keep template attached to fabric for placement to next piece 

• lay release paper over main design again, assemble sky, fill in sky on full design   

• make sure sky design is covered overlapping 1/4” for fusing, when happy completely fuse flowers/stems: 

• cut out and create individual flowers, use same fusing technique as sky 

• cut whole petals with seam allowance very necessary (flower will be slightly larger)  

• build flowers on a separate sheet of release paper over main design to make sure flowers line up 

• overlap pieces together & tap fuse, add center, fuse when happy with flower shape/size 

• peel flowers off release paper & fuse to felt, quilt flowers, cut out flowers close to edge of petals, use angelina fibers (center of flower)  

• create leaves & stems next, same procedure, check main design for placement  

• when happy with layout of stems/leaves tap fuse together 

• once all parts are in place, lay pig on top of the base design of sky, leaves & stems 

• when happy with final arrangement fuse with dry iron, let cool final assembly: 

• lay fused backing/batting piece with non fused batting side up on ironing table  

• peel whole design off release paper & lay on batting/backing sandwich, fuse with dry iron 

• final fuse with steam, let cool, quilt entire background, quilt using complimentary threads or metallic threads for some bling (optional)   

• add flowers to quilt after background has been quilted, pin in place, stitch around shape of flowers  

• square up design before binding • facing binding technique used or binding of your choice, add a bead to eyes for realism  

 If you have any questions about the workshop please email me at cynthia@fiberartchix.com © copyright Cynthia Wismann www.fiberartchix.com