"For the traditional quilt Artist on the fence---
    wanting to get to the Art side."


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Free Motion Tools

These free motion quilting tools are essential for beginners and experts


retail price $29.95
The Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks can be used with any sewing or quilting machine. 

There are two different sizes of disks with two different foams on opposite sides which provide optimum grip range across a variety of fabrics. With the larger disk in your left hand, and the smaller disk in your right hand, place them onto your quilt and you are ready to begin stitching. Use the disks to move the quilt under the presser foot while you stitch at your desired speed, always running the machine faster than your hands are moving.

Supreme Slider

    retail price $34.95

The free motion slider lets your fabric slide with zero friction — makes machine quilting easy! 

PINK STICKY BACK —  The self-sticking bottom lays on your machine bed and stays in place. This 8" x 11.5" size is perfect for most home machines. Easily trimmed with scissors.  Easy on, easy off!


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